The Watson Difference

Quality You Can Trust. Protection You Can Rely On.

The Watson Difference

Quality You Can Trust. Protection You Can Rely On.

Watson Premier Painting has built a large following of satisfied customers through trust and superior service. Owner and founder Jim Watson stands behind every project as if it was his own property being painted.

What Causes Moisture Damage?

Because of our Florida weather, our homes expand and contract every day. However, most homes are built from a block and stucco construction and very little flexibility. So every corner, angle and juncture open and closes. This constantly allows moisture to be sucked into your home.

How is the Weatherizer Painting System Different?

This unique system not only helps to improve you curb appeal, it protects your home with a weather resistant shell – complete with a seven to ten year factory warranty! No one else in the Greater Sarasota area can offer the Weatherizer Painting System for commercial and residential properties!

The Weatherizer process starts with pressure washing all of the exterior surfaces of your home. Once dry, the Watson Team will prime and seal your home. Next an elastic sealant is applied to all 90 degree angles – including windows, doors, cracks, as well as any additional areas that might be vulnerable to water intrusion.

Once the sealant has been applied, a triple-coat of super finish coating is added to high-leakage areas to create six layers of protection.

The final step in the Weatherizer Painting System involves the application of an ultra-thick, super premium, satin finish paint or the new acrylic coating from Sherwin Williams or PPG Porter. This new coating is up to 70% thicker than normal paint and produces absolutely stunning results!

How can I get Weatherized?

Contact us today and take advantage of the longest lasting, highest quality and altogether most effective painting system available!